Great question! Let's take a step back and explain what really goes down in the background.

We use secure methods to link your bank account through your financial institution to Ampli. So, if there are any interruptions in this secure connection, even the slightest, your bank account may become unlinked. This is to protect your bank account. 

So, why would there be any interruptions? Well, from time to time, there may be issues or interuptions between us and your financial institute. To ensure your protection the bank account is unlinked so that you can re-authenticate yourself. In order for you to keep earning, we ask that you relink your account. That will refresh the link with your financial institution.

Why do I need to provide additional authentication?
Most financial institutions (FI) ask for additional authentication alongside your credentials, known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This is done to ensure your account is safe and secure. To learn more click the button below.

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