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Connecting your bank accounts to Ampli
Why do I need to keep refreshing my bank account(s)?
Why do I need to keep refreshing my bank account(s)?
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Great question! Let's take a step back and explain what really goes down in the background.

We follow bank-level security practices (set by RBC) when we connect your bank account to Ampli by Avion Rewards. So, if there are any interruptions in this secure connection, you will be required to refresh your bank account.

Refreshing your bank account essentially reconnects it to Ampli by Avion Rewards. That way, we can match eligible offers with your transactions. And, that means cash back in your Ampli by Avion Rewards balance!

So, why would there be any interruptions? Well, from time to time, there may be issues or interruptions between us and your Financial Institution (FI), such as technical issues or system outages, for instance. Your FI will disconnect your bank account from Ampli by Avion Rewards and get you to re-authenticate yourself once again. Think of it as if you’re being logged out from your online banking page when you lose an internet connection.

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