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Connecting your bank accounts to Ampli
How can I remove a connected bank account?
How can I remove a connected bank account?
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Removing one or more bank accounts from Ampli by Avion Rewards is quick and easy.

  1. Simply login to your Ampli by Avion Rewards app and tap PROFILE at the bottom right of the screen

  2. Tap Connected bank accounts and swipe to the right on the bank account(s) that you wish to remove

  3. Tap on the red Remove button

Please note, before you remove a bank account, ensure that you’ve received cash back from all your completed transactions. Once you remove it, you will no longer be eligible.

To bring back a deleted credit/debit card, you will be required to remove the bank account related to the missing card. Single cards can not be reconnected separately.

Here's a screenshot below!

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