With the Dine More & Earn More McDonald’s offer you can dine up to six times and earn up to 20% (up to $30) cash back in your Ampli account.

Sound tasty? Cool. Here’s how it works:

1. After 2 orders, earn 5% on each purchase (up to $5 each).*

2. After 4 orders, earn 10% on your third and fourth purchase (up to $5 each).*

3. After 6 orders, earn 20% on your fifth and sixth purchase (up to $5 each).*

*Earn a maximum of $5 cash back per purchase for a total maximum earn of $30 cash back on this offer.

Cash back will be awarded after your 2nd, 4th, and 6th purchase. That means you won’t see any cash back in your Ampli account for your 1st, 3rd, or 5th purchase.

For example:

Once you make two purchases at McDonald’s during the offer period, you'll qualify to earn 5% cash back on your 1st and 2nd purchases (up to $5 each). However, if you were to make just one purchase, you won’t qualify for cash back.

Similarly, if you were to make just three purchases at McDonald’s, you would only see 5% cash back for your 1st and 2nd purchases. In order to qualify for more cash back you would need to make a fourth purchase, which is when you would earn 10% on your 3rd and 4th purchases (up to $5 each).

And this repeats for your 5th and 6th purchases!

Cash back will be visible in your earnings history in your Ampli account 7 to 10 days from the date you make your qualifying purchases. For full offer terms and conditions, please refer to the offer in your Ampli app.

Please note: We understand members may make multiple purchases at McDonald’s within one day. Ampli will process your cash back based on when we receive your transactions from your financial institution. We are not able to select transactions with higher purchase amounts to earn cash back for this offer.

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