We're sorry you want to delete Ampli! You can delete your account in three steps:

  1. Select the PROFILE icon at the bottom right of your Ampli app

  2. Then, tap the PENCIL icon on the top right of your screen

  3. Then, select DELETE Ampli account

Please note that deleting your Ampli account will do the following:

  • You'll no longer earn cash back, access offers or be able to enter contests.

  • You’ll forfeit any earned cash back that’s not cashed out prior to deletion. If you currently have cash back in your Ampli account, please cash out before you delete your Ampli account.

  • You’ll forfeit any contest entries.

  • All connected bank accounts will be removed.

  • You’ll no longer receive emails or promotional content.

  • You will not be able to login to Ampli or reactivate your account after deleting.

Once you delete your account, we will stop retrieving information from any bank account you previously connected to Ampli. Information that was collected when your account was active will be retained in accordance with our standard retention policies. Learn more here about the data we collect and how it is used (link to T&Cs)

Not sure if you'd like to permanently delete your Ampli account? No worries! You can simply deactivate your Ampli account so that you can come back and reactivate in the future if you change your mind. If you'd like to DEACTIVATE your Ampli account instead of DELETE, check out this helpful article below.

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